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Learn the names of your neighbors' dogs. . .

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A little lesson I learned this morning that I thought I’d share. My favorite place to be in the summer is outside. As a family, we enjoy spending time at our little lake cabin and take many walks through the woods. This morning Molly was up early and raring to go for our morning walk.

As we heading down our path, Molly was pulling pretty hard as she definitely had a plan for where she wanted to go this morning. We plodded along taking in the beauty all around us. As we rounded the corner I could see the house in the clearing. I quickly scanned the area looking for him and silently praying he wasn’t outside. The black fur on the back of his neck raised and his tail stiffened, I knew he had spotted us from his perch on his front step. His lawn stretched out approximately 200 yards in front of the house before it reached the paved road to which Molly was leading our walk. Molly, our puggle with sass, had a particular confident air in her gait today as she pranced down our usual morning path.  Moosta let out a deep, loud bark of aggression as he bounded toward us at a full sprint. My heart pounded in my chest as I gripped the mace in my left pocket and felt the fear of the attack stiffen my legs. I yelled, “Moosta NO!” He seemed to pause slightly as he recognized his name, but continued toward us. Again I yelled, “Moosta no - Stay home!” To my astonishment and relief, it worked! He stopped right in the middle of his lawn barked again for good measure and turned toward his house where he began to walk back toward his cement throne. My wabbly legs continued to move as we made our way past his house. I continued to look over in his direction as he stared back at us. “We made it, Molly!” I spoke aloud as I exhaled what felt like a full day’s worth of breath. Molly seemed unscathed and unaffected by our “near death” experience as she pulled me along. Sometimes I wonder if she is as cocky and arrogant in a dog’s world as she seems to be in mine.

Here are a few things we saw along our walk.


Hmmm, no wonder green is my favorite color . . .(: